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Why does TED schedule its online courses? What if I want to move more quickly or more slowly through the course content?

We schedule our TED Courses so that you can move through the content as part of a global group of learners. Along the way, you’ll benefit from a wide range of perspectives, experiences and ideas that your classmates share in course polls, discussion posts and virtual live events. We believe that you’ll learn a lot from each other–and maybe even make a friend or two in the process!

To take a TED Course, will I have to be online at a certain day and time each week?

No. We’ll unlock new content at the start of each week, but it’s completely up to you to determine when you’d like to complete that week’s videos, activities and discussion questions. If you’re a morning person, you can start the day with your TED Course and a cup of coffee. Or maybe you’d like to learn late at night–that’s OK, too! The only live element of the courses are the optional, weekly virtual events. These are a wonderful way for you to get to know the other learners in your course, and we offer them twice each week to engage learners in different time zones.

Why are two TED courses predominantly audio?

At TED, we’re a curious bunch. When we started the TED Courses project, we wanted to see if there was appetite for audio courses from TED speakers. So we built a couple and tested them. We discovered that most people really yearned to see their teachers, and so we moved forward in the video vein. Additionally, we developed these two courses in September-October 2021, when the delta variant of COVID made travel and filming incredibly challenging–so it was also a health and safety decision.

Will I be able to access the course content after the course ends?

Yes. At the end of the course, we’ll provide a link to a course archive where you’ll find all the course videos, activities and curated resources. However, you won’t be able to post or view discussions in the course community after the course concludes. You’ll receive a notification when the community is about to close, and you’ll be invited to join a separate alumni community with all the other learners who have completed TED Courses.

What are the system requirements to access TED Courses?

We support the latest two versions (production and previous release) of the following major desktop and mobile browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.  

If you’re accessing TED Courses via a mobile browser, we recommend iOS 14+ with either Safari or Chrome, or Android 5+ with Chrome.

What should I know about TED Courses accessibility?

TED offers its courses using the Mighty Networks platform. You can read the Mighty Networks Accessibility Statement here.  

All the audio and video components of the courses include full transcripts and closed captioning.

If I discover that I can’t take the course I registered for, can I get a refund or postpone my enrollment?

You can make changes to your TED Course, including requesting a refund, up to seven days after your date of purchase. After seven days, all sales and start dates are final.

Can I give a TED Course as a gift?

Aren’t you generous! We’re working on gift-giving functionality and plan to roll it out later this year. Stay tuned for updates.

Can a group of people take a TED Course together?

Not yet, but we’re working on making this happen in 2023.

Will TED Courses be offered in other languages?

We’d love to be able to offer TED Courses in multiple languages, but for the foreseeable future the product will be English-only.

How can I suggest a future TED Courses topic or teacher?

We’d love to hear your ideas! TED Courses teachers are individuals who have shared an idea at a TED Conference, a TEDx event, in a TED Series or TED-Ed video, or as a host on a TED Audio Collective podcast. You can submit your suggestion using the Contact form above.

What’s the difference between TED Courses and TED Masterclass?

TED Masterclass is TED’s official public speaking course available to individuals and organizations via desktop or mobile app. TED Courses is a library of courses for individual lifelong learners, taught by TED speakers and covering a range of topics.

What’s the difference between TED Courses and TED@Work?

TED@Work is a product for corporate learning and development. It includes a library of TED Talks carefully curated for the workplace, along with turnkey tools for discussion-based team learning.

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